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Practice Areas


      * drunk driving, shoplifting, burglary, drugs, domestic violence, homicide, outstanding warrants, sexual violence and weapons possession

     * DUI defense, DWI defense, ALS Hearings

     * Cocaine, Heroin, Methamphetamines, Barbiturates, Marijuana, Illegally prescribed or abuse of prescription drugs, Altered over-the-counter drugs and Other illegal substances

     * Aggravated Sexual Assault, Child Molestation, Lewd acts with a minor, Rape, Sexual Assault and other Sexual Misconduct

     * Carrying a concealed weapon, Assault with a deadly weapon, Possession of an unregistered gun, Brandishing a firearm, Unlicensed firearms, Felon in possession, Possession by a minor, Unlawful discharge of a weapon, Unlawful sale of firearms, Carrying a concealed and loaded firearm in a vehicle, Federal firearms violations, including possession of a machine gun or silencer, Possession of assault weapons and other weapons related charges.

     * Assault defense, Aggravated assault defense, Murder defense, Rape defense and Theft defense

     * DUI and DWI charges

     *  Automobile accidents, Motorcycle accidents, work related injuries, slip and fall incidents, animal bites, social security disability claims, and other personal injury related claims.


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